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McCain trounces JD Hayworth in GOP primary; who's to blame (tea parties, Palin, Scott Brown...) - 08/25/10

In last night's GOP Senate primary in Arizona, John McCain trounced JD Hayworth with 59% versus 29% for Hayworth (and 11% for Jim Deakin). To a certain extent, McCain's win was due to him spending around $20 million on advertising and him pretending to be tough on immigration matters. Defeating McCain would have sent a strong message to the Beltway establishment, the mainstream media, and other amnesty supporters. Instead, those who should have opposed him either didn't oppose him, didn't take a position, or engaged in useless or counter-productive activities.

Who shares the blame?

1. Hayworth isn't exactly a prize catch, no matter ones political affiliation. So, he bears part of the blame.

2. The four major Arizona tea parties groups that decided not to endorse McCain, Hayworth, or Deakin also shares some of the blame. [1] The "Arizona Tea Party" - which might be an umbrella group including some of those listed at [1] did support Hayworth, at least in twitter dot com/azteaparty. However, the Tucson Tea Party has a post explaining that they don't endorse candidates; the reason given differs from that in their press release.

3. The one other teaparty group that decided to hold a border event - instead of doing things in smarter ways - shares part of the blame.

4. Sarah Palin, Grover Norquist, Scott Brown and perhaps tea parties chief leader Dick Armey all supported McCain, thus sharing part of the blame.

5. And, starting over four and a half years ago, I've been trying to get people to go to McCain's events and ask him tough questions. Video of McCain being put on the spot could get hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube and might have prevented him from being the GOP's 2008 nominee and might have prevented him winning yesterday's primary.

There are plenty of videos of people asking McCain questions, the problem is that the questions and the questioners are invariably weak. McCain is able to bowl them over and launch into stock speeches; some members of the mainstream media have asked him tougher questions than regular citizens at his public events. See the question authority page for an action plan and more information.

Those sites that get more traffic than me and that have (except in one or two brief cases) completely refused to encourage their readers to follow that plan bear a good share of the blame.

One lesson to learn from the above is not to put trust in those who don't know how to do things in the right way, or who can't figure out the best outcome, or who are only interested in feathering their own nests.

[1] From a press release (link):

The organizers of the four largest Arizona Tea Party organizations – including the Tucson Tea Party, Greater Phoenix Tea Party, Flagstaff Tea Party, and Mohave County Tea Party – issued a joint press release regarding their unified decision to decline endorsing a candidate in the Arizona Senate primary race between John McCain, J.D. Hayworth, and Jim Deakin.

“The Tea Party is a non-partisan, grassroots movement that stands for limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility. Both McCain and Hayworth’s records during their many years in Washington leave much to be desired on these issues,” said Robert Mayer, co-founder of the Tucson Tea Party. “It is their job to hold themselves up to these values and fight for our votes.”

[2] tucsonteaparty.info/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=93&catid=35&Itemid=55

The reason that the Tucson Tea Party (TTP) does not endorse any one candidate in the primaries is because we are made up of a diverse group, which include constitutional, fiscal, and social conservatives, we also have many that are simply free market thinkers... So, if the Tucson Tea Party were to pick one candidate over another, or over many others, we would simply be creating a situation of conservative bloodletting and infighting that would serve no purpose for conservatives in general or the Tea Party specifically.

United We Stand Border Coalition Tea Party Rally: Sharron Angle, J.D. Hayworth, less effective... - 08/10/10

On Sunday August 15th 2010, a group called "United We Stand for Americans" ("UWSFA") [1] will be conducting a rally on the border in Arizona in order to call to secure the border and to oppose John McCain.

Several reasons Frank Rich is wrong (Arizona immigration law edition #1) - 05/02/10

I haven't discussed a Frank Rich column here before, so let's start by showing several ways he's wrong in yesterday's "If Only Arizona Were the Real Problem" (nytimes.com/2010/05/02/opinion/02rich.html). It's centered around that state's new immigration law, but it's a wide-ranging rant. Here are just some of the ways he's wrong):

John McCain sides with far-left ADL, calls on JD Hayworth to denounce ALIPAC endorsement - 03/01/10

JD Hayworth recently accepted the endorsement of the anti-illegal immigration group ALIPAC. The John McCain campaign responded as they often do, by supporting the far-left against those who want to enforce our immigration laws. McCain campaign Communications Director Brian Rogers had this to say:

"J.D. Hayworth's lavish praise for the social theories of noted anti-Semite and xenophobe Henry Ford sparked a major controversy during his losing 2006 campaign, causing many Arizonans to question Mr. Hayworth's judgment. It is astounding that Mr. Hayworth would today accept the endorsement of a group that the Anti-Defamation League reports is backed by white supremacists, neo-Nazis and anti-Semites. Mr. Hayworth should immediately disavow this group's support."

1. The Anti Defamation League just can't be trusted; see the link for the details. In this case, the page that Brian Rogers is referencing is adl.org/main_Extremism/White+Supremacists+Promote+ALIPAC.htm, which is simply one big logical fallacy: Guilt by Association. Another of their pages about ALIPAC includes adl.org/civil_rights/anti_immigrant/alipac.asp, which is full of logical errors.

2. Unfortunately, ALIPAC - like many others - doesn't fully understand how to do things; if they did I'd be able to find detailed articles at their site that would discredit both of those articles. Doing that myself would take me about an easy half hour, but I'll leave defending themselves in a logical and effective way up to them. There's a starting point here.

3. Instead, the response that ALIPAC does provide is something that isn't even a tu quoque (link). They point out that McCain was endorsed by a series of racist groups, but the difference is that McCain didn't accept those endorsements. That's comparable to ALIPAC not accepting the endorsements of those like David Duke, but some people won't get that and might think that ALIPAC is comparing themselves to the groups that endorsed McCain.

4. And, of course, McCain is doing again what he's done in the past: side with the Democrats and the far-left against the GOP base. Instead of pointing out that the ADL is fact-challenged and engages in logical fallacies, he treats them like a credible source.

5. If you'd like to do something effective, find an experienced questioner to go to McCain's appearances and call him on this and then upload video of the confrontation to video sharing sites. However, it has to be done in the correct way. If you're in the area and you can arrange that, leave comments on the entries here until I notice you and I'll provide you with some tough questions he'll have trouble with. I know - based on three years' experience - that that's never going to happen, but just in case.

John McCain misleads about JD Hayworth over "birthers"; HotAir helps - 02/25/10

The video at peekURL.com/v3c14ar is a new John McCain attack ad against JD Hayworth that misleads potential voters, trying to portray Hayworth as a dreaded "Birther".

Sarah Palin, Dick Armey, Grover Norquist, Scott Brown support John McCain; what J.D. Hayworth supporters can do - 02/15/10

Sarah Palin, Dick Armey of Freedomworks (see the update), Grover Norquist, and newly-elected senator Scott Brown are all supporting John McCain in his Senate re-election bid. Meanwhile, Chris Simcox dropped out of the GOP nomination earlier today, and has endorsed McCain's strongest rival, JD Hayworth. The last is running as the True Conservative against the RINO McCain.

1. This is yet another example of how the tea parties types are useful idiots; all four of those first listed above are associated with that movement: Armey helped organize the major Washington DC protest, Norquist has helped organize other protests, Palin recently spoke at their convention, and Brown was elected in part due to their efforts. Yet, they're supporting a RINO whose loose border policies will lead to more spending and less power for those in the tea party base.

2. McCain is - as always - very vulnerable on the immigration issue. The problem is that few want to challenge him to his face and show how he's wrong, and those who do ask bad questions. If you'd like to reduce McCain's chances, follow the question authority plan and find a smart, experienced questioner who's familiar with immigration to really press him on immigration, then upload videos of the exchanges to video sharing sites. You have to follow the plan to the letter: the person who asks the questions has to be smart, experienced with "cross-examining" people, familiar with immigration matters, and has to ask the right questions.

For starting points, see our immigration questions for Republicans and our coverage of his former (?) advisor Juan Hernandez. I'm willing to help craft questions specific for McCain if anyone is willing to follow the plan above. If you are, leave comments here and on the front page until I notice you; I don't review every comment on this site so you'll need to leave a few.

UPDATE: In comments, Steve points out that Armey has released the following statement (freedomworks.org/blog/bstein80/dick-armey-did-not-endorse-john-mccain):

The New York Times reported recently that FreedomWorks chairman Dick Armey has endorsed Sen. John McCain in the GOP primary in Arizona. This is not the case, although this story has been picked up and repeated by countless media personalities and reporters around the country.

This seems to be a good case study in how false information can make its way around the internet and the airwaves before it can be corrected. But we wanted to post a quick statement for all of you who have asked us about this.

A clarification of his position would be appreciated; if he's not endorsing McCain does he still support him, or will he support the pro-borders Hayworth, or will not support anyone?

DOJ investigators pose as reporters at Joe Arpaio press conference? (Je Yon Jung) - 10/20/09

According to this unconfirmed FreeRepublic posting, on yesterday's JD Hayworth radio show on Arizona's KFYI:

Sheriff (Joe Arpaio) held a sweep in NW Phoenix, Friday October 16, 2009. He had a press conference after. US Department of Justice Officials (approximately 5) showed up at the conference, UNDERCOVER, POSING AS REPORTERS. When contacted by a Sheriff commander, the Federal Civil Rights officials posing as journalists, conducted themselves "unprofessionally" and "refused to provide official identification. Only one official from the "covert team provided any form of ID when pressed." That was the senior trial attorney, (Je Yon Jung). She has been conducting the DOJ's investigation of the Sheriff's office re: allegations of racial profiling. (Je Yon Jung) confirmed that those who REFUSED TO PROVIDE ID TO THE SHERIFF DEPARTMENT WERE Department of Justice Officials. 'The DOJ attorney is a max contributor to Obama campaign and seeks a judgeship.'

The audio apparently starts at 17:33 of this.

And, per this July article:

the attorney assigned to the Maricopa County investigation, Je Yon Jung, is an active member and former national governing-board representative of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, a left-wing organization that believes all “undocumented” immigrants should be granted citizenship. Ms. Jung maxed out in contributions to President Obama’s campaign and recently applied for a judgeship in the District of Columbia — a position to which President Obama will appoint a candidate.

NAPAWF's issues page is at napawf.org/page.php?view=issues, and on another page (napawf.org/page.php?view=history) they mention that they're a project of the Tides Foundation. Jung has her own page in the "Fierce Sisters Speakers Bureau" section of the site (napawf.org/page.php?view=jung):

Je Yon Jung is an active member and former national governing board D.C. chapter representative to NAPAWF. She was the chair of NAPAWF's "Comfort Women" Campaign, which seeks justice on behalf of World War II's 200,000 women and girls who were forced into sexual slavery. Je Yon is a mentor for Asian American LEAD, a local community - based organization in Washington, DC providing direct services primarily to the Southeast Asian refugee population, and former group coordinator for Asian American LEAD's young women's creative writing group. She was AALEAD's 2001 Mentor of the Year.

Tucson's Last Stand: tea party October 10 2009 (sadly, not at Galt's Gulch) - 10/09/09

On Saturday, October 10 2009, the Tucson Tea Party group will be holding "Tucson's Last Stand" at Electric Park where they will be offering nationally renowned speakers, local talk radio hosts, and political candidates who will engage the audience in order to galvanize them to political action and donate to win elections.

"Open-Borders Advocates Distort Election Results" - 11/20/06

As previously discussed, massive immigration supporting hacks like Fred Barnes, Linda Chavez, Tamar Jacoby, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, Arlen Specter, and Michael Barone among others have tried to claim that some GOP losses were due to opposition to an illegal alien amnesty. How this is wrong was discussed in NRO on Graf/Hayworth election results myth among other entries.

And, Mark Krikorian of CIS offers this:

...The open-borders crowd scavenged for results they hoped would confirm their pre-packaged conclusions. A favorite was the defeat of two Republican immigration hawks running for the House in Arizona, incumbent Rep. J.D. Hayworth and Randy Graf, who was seeking liberal Republican Rep. Jim Kolbe's seat. The problem with pointing to these results as proof of the public's support for the Bush-McCain-Kennedy "comprehensive" amnesty plan is that the very same voters overwhelmingly approved four good ballot measures related to immigration: denying bail to illegals, barring illegals from winning punitive damages in civil suits, prohibiting illegals from receiving certain state subsidies for education and day care, and declaring English the state's official language. Clearly, the actual policy issue of immigration control remained hugely popular and, while Hayworth's opponent endorsed a guest-worker program, he explicitly said on his campaign website, "Secure Our Border and Stop Illegal Immigration," "Hold employers accountable for whom they hire," and, "I oppose amnesty and will not support it." Hardly a Bush echo...

This is a wonderful opportunity to discredit hacks like Barnes, Jacoby, Barone, and the others, as well as those bloggers and other pundits who support them. Whenever they spread this line, come back with articles like this.

NRO on Graf/Hayworth election results myth - 11/17/06

National Review offers "The Legend of Arizona", a response to the mythmakers who've tried to claim that the recent losses of Randy Graf, J.D. Hayworth, and others were because of their pro-enforcement positions. They list our favorites such as: Fred Barnes, Linda Chavez (first link), Tamar Jacoby, and the Wall Street Journal editorial page. Plus, they inform us that the myth has also been spread by Arlen Specter (link) and Michael Barone (link). Then:
...Time for a reality check. This year’s anti-Republican wave was indiscriminate, washing away such immigration hawks as John Hostettler and Charles Taylor, but also such amnesty supporters as Mike DeWine and Lincoln Chafee. In other places, Republicans were able to withstand the wave in part because they opposed amnesty: Chris Shays was the only Republican congressman to survive in Connecticut, and Pete King kept his seat in New York...

...Even in Arizona, Sen. Jon Kyl, who voted against the open-borders bill, beat a Democratic candidate who supported it. Arizona voters also approved, by wide margins, three ballot measures cracking down on illegal immigration, plus one declaring English the state’s official language...

...A final piece of mythology concerns the Hispanic vote. Exit polling found that 30 percent of Hispanics voted for Republican House candidates, down from 38 percent in the 2002 midterms. To see the significance of this drop, it has to be put in context. The percentage of white voters who picked Republicans fell from 58 to 51 percent over the same period. Hispanics just followed the national trend...

Boston Herald wants to "resolve immigration reform" - 11/17/06

The Boston Herald offers a canard-laden editorial called "Time to resolve immigration reform" (link). Like others, they cautiously think this is a good opportunity for the Democrats and Bush to find common ground: