Have the Democrats turned their backs on the "Immigrant" Rights Movement?

Or: the curious incident of the pimps in the daytime.

The usual pimps (1,2,3, washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2006_04/008713.php,5) are strangely silent on the latest push by illegal aliens to make a show of force and march in our streets demanding rights to which they aren't entitled. Sure, Fatboy was at the Washington DC march, and just last month Luis Gutierrez attended the convention organized by an official with Mexico's PRD party, but it just doesn't have the same vibe as it does before.

The magic has disappeared.

Even the MSM pimps (1,2) have noted how the rallies have fizzled.

Now - and I'm not saying there is, but let's imagine - if there were some kind of a super-secret mailing list or something that the Democratic Party put out telling partisan hacks what to say, can't we imagine what they would be telling them to concentrate on? Once again, I'm not saying there's such a beast, but if there were, it probably wouldn't have anything right now about pimping the "immigrant" rights movement.