Steve Laffey, Lincoln Chafee, Matricula Consular cards, the NRSC, and idiots

Steve Laffey is the mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island and he's trying to defeat fellow Republican Lincoln Chafee in the Senatorial primary. Apparently the National Republican Senatorial Committee supports the RINO Chafee, believing that only he can defeat the Democratic challenger. Past examples of that support include "NRSC Files FEC Complaint Against Stephen Laffey For Using Taxpayer Money To Pay For Political Mailing" and "Unelectable Laffey Missteps Again".

The latest example is in this video about Matricula Consular cards. Apparently Laffey supports them; not mentioned is that Chafee is almost as "liberal" as Teddy Kennedy on the topic of illegal immigration.

The video has a tiny bit more heat than light, but it does provide an accurate rundown of some of the dangers of those cards, including the fact that the FBI has called them a security risk.

But, what the ad doesn't mention is that our own president, through the person of former Treasury Secretary John Snow, fought to allow banks to accept those cards.

Doesn't that mean that what the NRSC says in the video should also apply to George Bush?

As for the idiots, well, that's where our friends on the Democratic side of things come in: they're calling the video racist. I don't see anything racist about it; perhaps they're projecting and assume that any time someone mentions the word "Mexicans" as the ad does it's racist. Or, perhaps they're confused as usual about the differences between Mexican citizens and American citizens of Mexican descent. Or, perhaps they're just race-baiting sleazeballs.

Wouldn't it make much more sense, be more downright American, and be more of a vote getter to take what the FBI said and make the Bush administration look weak on homeland security? Especially since everything in the video applies to Bush. Apparently not; the Democratic Party is more scared of press release from the NCLR than they are interested in making the Bush administration look weak on homeland security.

And, here's a comment I left in a couple places about this issue:
Who's calling it racist, the Mexican government?

There are millions of those cards being used by illegal aliens, and they're used to send billions of dollars back to Mexico. In fact, that money is Mexico's second greatest source of income behind oil.

Lots of people have their hands in the pie in addition to Mexico: banks, money transfer companies, politicians who receive donations from those banks and money transfer companies, etc. etc.

So, I ask again: who's calling this racist? And, do they have a profit motive to do so? And, since the FBI has clearly stated that those cards are a security risk, are they willing to put their profits ahead of the security of the U.S.?

Here's a FAQ on the cards.


"I am sick of listening to these lies," one woman said, interrupting Craig as she left the Tuesday meeting, the Coeur d'Alene Press reported. I AM THAT WOMAN. Craig insulted his audience, esp women who made astute, factual, statistically proven remarks. (He labeled our points "passionate", "emotional." ) He then said he doesn't support amnesy, but rather a path to citizenship for illegals. Heard it all before. Left. And then people started telling him what THEY thought. Terry

Or, perhaps they're just race-baiting sleazeballs.

Per Occam's Razor.