Richard Rodriguez: "Mexicans in America"

The TV pundit offers this. Victor Davis Hanson replies here.

Here's my reply:
I stopped right around where he supported a race-based immigration policy that allows "Indians" to settle anywhere in North America that they wish. What about those who are just part Indian blood? Will one drop do? Will there be a DNA test to determine whether someone can move anywhere they want regardless of our laws, or shall we just go by looks?

As for the reason why all those illegal aliens are Indians/Mestizos, that's because the Mexican oligarchy - almost all Europeans - have a wonderful scam going, one that useful idiot liberals fully support. They get to send their possible revolutionaries north and get remittances back. Those are now Mexico's second greatest source of income, right behind oil.

And, all that money is undermining the U.S. system: corrupt companies that profit from illegal immigration or from sending money earned by illegal aliens donate to politicians who then allow massive illegal immigration. So, we aren't just importing people who have no ties to the U.S., we're importing massive corruption as well.
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