Help stop Arlen Specter's massive amnesty scheme

Please take a moment and contact your Senators to tell them what you think of any kind of an amnesty or "guest" worker scheme. And, please tell your friends to do the same and spread the word to blogs and other message forums.

Background information in "Illegal immigrants could stay indefinitely under Senate plan", "Stop Arlen Specter's Amnesty", and Senator Arlen Specter introduces "temporary" "guest" worker scheme.


The agency that would administer any "guestworker" or amnesty program(USCIS) is totally unequipped to do the job, according to a new GAO report:
A draft government report shows the agency that would oversee any future guest-worker program doesn't have a handle on fraud, doesn't do enough to deter it, and won't have a fraud-management system in place until 2011 -- years after its proponents want a program to start.
A copy of the draft, obtained by The Washington Times, says U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has looked at the prevalence of fraud in just a few of the types of visas it now issues and doesn't give adjudicators the time or tools to detect fraud or refer it to authorities for prosecution.
The report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said that USCIS can't tell the extent of immigration benefit fraud, but "it is a serious problem."
Of the fraud assessments USCIS has done, GAO found a 30 percent fraud rate among religious worker applications and "the assessment also uncovered one case where law enforcement had identified an applicant as a suspected terrorist."
Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Republican and one of those who requested the report, wouldn't talk about specifics until it is released, but he told a Judiciary Committee meeting last week that senators would "be shocked if you learned about the internal fraud and abuse at the Citizenship and Immigration Service."
Mr. Grassley said from what he's seen, it's "unrealistic" to expect USCIS to administer a guest-worker program properly.
"Officials are being bribed. Visas are being given away. Green cards are being sold," he said.