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Deplorable Callahan
North Carolina, USA
Financial Professional looking to help America to be #1 again and make the World a better place tomorrow and always. God bless US All..with Love,WC, GO TRUMP
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.@WalterCallahan1: as illegal aliens show, you can lobby on a low budget. Are they just smarter & more dedicated than opponents? #Trump2016
.@WalterCallahan1: the reality is that Congress mostly doesn't mind illegal immigration. NRA, illegal aliens, etc. all do great w/ lobbying.
.@WalterCallahan1: Trump uses his yuge media exposure to crow about polls rather than to pressure Obama on #immigration. Porque? #Trump2016
.@WalterCallahan1: Trump could do much w/o even being elected if he used his yuge media exposure to repeatedly pressure Obama. #Trump2016
.@WalterCallahan1: lobbying is a multibillion $ "industry". It must work enough, otherwise billions wouldn't be spent.
.@WalterCallahan1: Trump could have reduced # of potential terrorists in USA if he'd just called for stringent checks. Why didn't he?