Blagojevich stand behind NOI member on Illinois hate crimes commission

From this (nofollowpolicy):

"On Wednesday, [Governor Rod] Blagojevich expressed support for Claudette Marie Muhammad, director of community outreach for the Nation of Islam, a black Muslim group led by the Rev. Louis Farrakhan... Muhammad recently invited commission members to attend a Farrakhan speech in which he accused 'Hollywood Jews' of 'promoting lesbianism, homosexuality' and other 'filth.'"

It's all in a day's work for one of the U.S.'s least American governors. Blago is also deeply involved with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, a powerful group that supports illegal immigration and appears to have conducted a smear campaign against gubanatorial candidate Jim Oberweis.


I think Hollywood turns out some real good stuff. It also turns out some righteously shitty stuff. Depending on which movie you're talking about, I might have a lot of good things to say or I might have a lot of bad things to say. Any way you cut it-----I am not afraid of being gunned down in the street by some Hollywood actor because I talked bad about his movie.

On the other hand----if you talk bad about the Reverend Louie F, then you should think about buying some body armor.