Citizenship and Immigration Ombudsman is fmr prez of AILA chapter

The Ombudsman of the Department of Homeland Security's Citizenship and Immigration Services is a former President of the Central Florida Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association:

...the AILA is directed by approximately 100 associates who also serve as members of the pro-Communist National Lawyers Guild... AILA has joined with other leftwing groups to denounce, in their entirety, the security measures taken by the U.S. government in the wake of [9/11]... Before [Jeanne Butterfield] was elected to head AILA, [she] was executive director of the Palestine Solidarity Committee... Besides excusing PFLP terrorist attacks and campaigning against U.S. aid to Israel, the PSC under Butterfield also supported Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and was active in the antiwar movement opposing American intervention to liberate Kuwait. The PSC and PFLP are Marxist organizations... However, when one looks at specific issues, AILA embraces illegal entry into the United States as well. The AILA "solution" to the illegal immigrant problem is to legalize everyone. "People who work hard, pay taxes, and contribute to the U.S. should be allowed to obtain permanent residence," says an AILA issue paper...

Read the link for more on that organization.

As footnote 1 here shows, they're deeply integrated into the open borders network. They support the Agjobs amnesty, which they allegedly helped Rep. Chris Cannon (R-UT) write (also here). They support illegal aliens counting towards congressional representation.

Now, you might wonder, how did this all happen?

Prakash I. Khatri, Esq. was appointed by Secretary Tom Ridge in July of 2003 to serve as the first Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) Ombudsman at the Department of Homeland Security. He will identify areas in which individuals have problems dealings with the CIS, assist individuals and employers in resolving service or case-related difficulties, and propose changes in the CIS administrative practices to mitigate identified problems. In addition, Mr. Khatri will provide policy, planning and program advice to the DHS Secretary, Deputy Secretary and other key officials regarding immigration matters.

How soon before even the most KoolAid-besotten BushBot is forced to admit that the Bush administration is just on the other side?

(I just found out about this via this post on Julie Myers, President Bush's nominee to head the the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency under the Department of Homeland Security. I covered her starting here.)