Illegal aliens stay in the U.S.; Mexican, American response compared

Because of increased border protection in some areas, the prices to be smuggled into the U.S. have risen and muy malo groups have gotten involved rather than the previous "mom and pop" groups. This has caused some illegal aliens who had previously returned home occasionally to not only stay in the U.S., but to send for their families.

This is discussed in "Officials: Strengthening border has domino effect", and two alternative ways of dealing with this issue are presented.

From the Mexican side of things comes their general consul in San Diego, Luis Cabrera:
"It's a labor market and it obeys the laws of supply and demand... You can't control such a thing as migration into a developed country only by law enforcement. With all due respect, it's very clear that we have to deal with immigration in all its aspects and adjust the legal framework to reality."
Is it any surprise that Bush, Cornyn, Kyl, McCain, Kennedy, and all the other amnesty proponents including those in the media all want to "adjust" the "framework" to fit their "reality", just like the Mexicans want to do?

Meanwhile, from the American side of things, comes Andy Ramirez of the Friends of the Border Patrol:
...the problem is not that border enforcement has increased, he said. The problem is that it hasn't increased enough.

"It's been strengthened in Tucson (Ariz.), but not elsewhere," he said. "They must strengthen the borders with manpower and technology."

In addition, Ramirez said, the government needs to start doing immigration sweeps in cities throughout the Southwest, increase workplace enforcement and stop allowing banks to accept illegal immigrants' Mexican identification card, or matricula consular, for bank business.