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Fox News. "The Five", "CashinIn". New York Times Bestseller "Wake Up America"
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Per @ericbolling on #TheFive, anti-Trump protests must stop, to show North Korea we're behind Trump "full stop". Ie be more like NK. #resist
Showing complete ignorance of patriotic USA values, @ericbolling on #TheFive says anti-Trump protests must stop, given North Korea. #resist
MT @Kegan05 Both @EricBolling & @SeanHannity are HYPOCRITES who profess 2 b #Conservatives.// Works for me. Thank you Trump. #tcot #ows #gop
.@MStuart1970: because reality? How have you or @ericbolling discredited Geraldo to his audience, made him toxic? How can I help? #FoxNews
.@MStuart1970: if people like you had helped me discredit Geraldo years ago, it's doubtful @ericbolling etc would have him on the air. #tcot
.@ericbolling: giving @JasonMattera attention is bad for whatever you want to do: he has neither audience nor argument. #FoxNews #tcot #sgp
.@ericbolling: what O'Keefe should do is call out @Cecilia44 on not being able to answer my tough #immigration policy questions. See my bio.
.@ericbolling says of O'Keefe's latest vid: it's not "helpful" & O'Keefe should "give it a rest". #immigration #FoxNews #tcot #tgdn #gop