Bill O'Reilly: "Left Attacks Politician for Fighting Illegal Immigration and Shutting Down Slumlords"

O'Reilly discusses the case of Long Island's Steven Levy in Left Attacks Politician for Fighting Illegal Immigration and Shutting Down Slumlords:
...Rosalina Dias was charging the illegal aliens around $200 apiece to live in squalor [in her clownhouse in Farmingdale]. That means this vile woman was taking in about $12,000 a month for a house that cost her about $86,000. Dias was able to do this for more than 60 months.

The only reason Dias was shut down was because a politician named Steve Levy, the Suffolk County executive, demanded it. And what did Levy get for his trouble? Well, he was roundly criticized by The New York Times and Newsday, and viciously attacked by ideologues. One of them, Reverend Allan Ramirez, told Newsday Levy was guilty of "ethnic cleansing."

That was music to Newsday's ears. One of its headlines tipped the newspaper's hand: "Dozens of Men Now Left with Nowhere to Go."

How about going home to their respective countries and obeying the law, Newsday?

But The New York Times was even worse. In an editorial the paper stated: "Mr. Levy sang the law-enforcement tune ... bemoaning the dread danger posed by Latino flophouses and charging that TV stations and newspapers ... had been wrong to point out the problems with Mr. Levy's callous assault on slumlords."
I wonder whether the Soros-funded Media Matters will discuss this column? Or, do they realize that if they do everyone will realize just whose side they're on?


Clinton worked for China and Bush is working for Mexico. When will it be our turn -- the Tancredo Administration?

This story shows how hatred against our people for having achieved some high minimum standards, motivates and consumes these race provocateurs. Egregious violations are found and publicized, but the journalistic mentality can only use ad hominem abuses, such as crying ethnic cleansing, where a rational argument was called for. Comsider the hatred against human achievement that would be required to believe that we have no right to enforce standards well above those found in such houses, nor sovereignty sufficient to turn away the hundreds of millions who could pile in on such places, and plunder the net taxpayer with their needs.