Have you stopped bashing immigrants?

Cindy Rodriguez of the Denver Post wants us to know: "Bashing of immigrants must stop". ("Beating of wives must stop" was apparently taken.) She reports on the formation of a new group of "Latino" activists. Based on her description, the group seems to have at least two goals:

1. Confuse people over the difference between illegal immigrants and legal immigrants.
2. Smear anyone who wants border control with various names like "bashers", "hatemongers" (two of Cindy's smears) and the like.

For instance:

Civil-rights attorney Adrienne Benavidez, one of the leaders, explains why: "Those who spout mean-spirited rhetoric, seeking to dehumanize immigrants, don't move immigration reform any further along. It's important that we don't allow that kind of negativism to dictate this country's policies or our values."

Who else is involved?

Smart people lead this group - Pam and Ricardo Martinez of Padres Unidos, Nita Gonzales of Escuela Tlatelolco, Lisa Duran of Rights for All People, to name a few

The last group is also named "Derechos Por Todos"; I don't know which is the favored name or whether they've recently changed to the English version.

Duran appeared at the First Data/Western Union forum where an American was reportedly attacked. See the end of this recent post for another speaker at that meeting. She supports driver's licenses for illegal aliens and opposes police working with BICE. She also seems to fall into the "we didn't cross the border, the border crossed us" camp. In 2003 there was a roundup of illegal aliens working at the Air Force Academy. Duran called it "racist."

Looking into the other "smart people" is left as an exercise. It looks to me like we're dealing with people who oppose the best interests of this country out of racial grounds and whose only form of argumentation is to call people names.


"there is a huge national security issue here"

And the vast majority of immigrants pose absolutely no threat to our security whatsoever.

Hey John Bolton, Well said....notice the silence from Ralphie old bean. A little too much reason and rationality for him to handle I'd guess, ;-)

She has written similar things before. Many times.

I do believe that our government is refusing to protect our borders for political reasons. And those reasons have to do with trying to capture the Hispanic vote. Since the Hispanic vote was traditionally Democrat, the Republicans think that they can bring them over to their side by keeping the border open and trying to pass this "guest worker" program for them. Unfortunately, we not only end up with tons of workers but also drug dealers, sex perverts, gang members and other unsavory characters. The most important thing that our government can do is to try and protect the American people from harm. And as long as our border remained unprotected the government is not doing its sworn job. And since our government will not do its job, I am all for the Minutemen project or any of the other groups doing border work for us. I hope that others will support them also. They are not vigilantes.

Quite so, there is a huge national security issue here which is traitorously being allowed to multiply and ramify. The advocates for unreasonable immigration have no reasonable arguments for their cause, so they have to use smears and other fallacies. The president is making common cause with these separatists and others, trying to organize a major new smear campaign against immigration restrictionism. It is those who say that immigrants can't be blamed for anything wrong that they do, who dehumanize the immigrant, placing him outside morality, and thus implicitly outside humanity.

To put it simply: Bush-Fox, the illegal alien profiteers, the Mexican race-hustlers and the rest of the foul crew are saying that the US is not a sovereign country and US citizens have no right of self-determination. A sovereign country has borders and a people with the right of self-determination have the right to expect that their democratically enacted immigration laws will be enforced.

Politicians Missing the Boat

As I was surfing around Immigration News Daily, and checking out the latest news I found a story by Lonewacko.com on TPMCAFE. After reading his/her writings I found myself wondering why our political leaders just don

"Those who spout mean-spirited rhetoric, seeking to dehumanize immigrants, don't move immigration reform any further along."