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Laura Meckler
Washington, DC
National politics reporter for @WSJ. Roamed White House, demographics, health care and immigration in past beats. Email me at
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.@KenRudin: @LauraMeckler spread (corporate-friendly) disinfo: That something you support, Ken? #ows #tcot #WSJ
.@NickTimiraos: hey Nick, questions @LauraMeckler can't answer: How she misleads: #WSJ
.@digitalbshaw: hey Brandon, see this @LauraMeckler quote: Now, honestly, does what she said reflect reality? #tcot
MT WH hack @Schultz44 Honored to be on.. panel.. with @laurameckler @sherylstolberg @howardfineman @Isikoff// All cogs. #tcot #ows #oo #p2
.@LauraMeckler: #LATimes on how Tim Donnelly mostly ignored immigration: So, when will you correct yourself?
.@JamesVGrimaldi: @LauraMeckler implied Tim Donnelly's loss was over #immigration, something #LATimes admitted he ignored. She's a disgrace.
Right on cue, @laurameckler of the #WSJ is echoing the White House line on #Cantored and #immigration. #tcot #VA8 #teaparty #gop #sgp
.@laurameckler: #LATimes shows how deceptive you are: When will you correct your deception?
.@laurameckler: more #LATimes: "Instead [Donnelly] focuses on.. economy.. drought, what he calls overreaching [govt] and.. high-speed rail"
.@laurameckler: #LATimes says: "On the campaign trail these days, Donnelly... rarely mentions his time as a border activist".
.@jayrosen_nyu: can you get @laurameckler of #WSJ to correct her misleading claim: ?
.@laurameckler: you blame loss of @ElectDonnelly on his anti-amnesty position. Can you direct us to examples of him stressing that position?
.@davidpostill: @laurameckler is OK at rewriting press releases, but sucks at reporting: #WSJ #tcot #ows #occupy
.@rmj_rosa: the #WHCD would have allowed @laurameckler, since she's no reporter: #WSJ #tcot
.@galoozis: there's usually a *lot* missing from @laurameckler reports: Help encourage her to try real reporting.
.@laurameckler: even FrontPageMag discusses how there's no STEM shortage. When will you do real reporting & call tech leaders on that?
.@bethreinhard: hi Beth! Can you take @laurameckler under your wing, help her try her hand at real reporting: ?
.@laurameckler: PS you might want to see & esp since your fans definitely will.
.@laurameckler: aren't there only a finite number of college slots & more qualified applicants than slots? Can you figure that out?
.@laurameckler: since, due to cutbacks, there are in fact a limited # of military jobs, couldn't that assertion be true?
MT @laurameckler Opponents of Dreamer/military provision argue illegal immigrants will take military jobs from Americans..
.@laurameckler: when will you follow Zuckerberg's money regarding his mass #immigration / "reform" push? Who's getting how much?
.@laurameckler: when will you follow the money on the tech industry's support for mass #immigration? How much money do they expect to make?
.@laurameckler: re: "Tech Industry’s Stance on Immigration Scrutinized", when will you actually do that?