Apparently they don't get google in Tyler Texas

Lindsay Randall of the Tyler Morning Telegraph covers Henderson and Van Zandt counties. She also has apparently never heard of Google, Yahoo, or even Altavista.

The article "Mexican Consulate Brings Outreach Program to Tyler" describes a story similar to many covered here in the past: the Mexican government comes to town to pass out Matricula Consular cards to their citizens who are in our country, most of them illegally. The cards - dubbed "IDs for illegals" - facilitate illegal immigration and the sending of money back to Mexico.

Apparently Randall has never heard of these cards or this scheme before, or perhaps there's something else involved. But, if you want to read someone who apparently has no clue or doesn't think her readers have any clues, click the link. At least there are two comments from people who understand what this is about.


Hey, if I want to read someone who apparently has no clue, I can read the lonewacko blog.