"Mexico's Defense of Illegal Immigrants"

FAIR has a roundup of our wacky meddling neighbors' activities. I'd suggest sending it to anyone who needs some background on this issue.

It includes a July 11 letter to Condi Rice, which probably was trampled underfoot as the Bush administration rushed to open the door to as many illegal aliens as possible:
We have watched with growing concern the developing pattern of involvement in domestic policies of the United States by representatives of the Mexican government with no public comment by the Executive Branch. These activities include efforts to persuade local governments to recognize the Mexican consular identity card as a valid identity document for local governmental purposes, to persuade state governments to issue driver's licenses to Mexican nationals who are in our country illegally and other activities, and most recently interference in enforcement of local housing laws...

I am convinced that a U.S. response to these provocative actions is overdue as demonstrated anew by the recent action of Mexican consul general Arturo Sarukhan as described in the enclosed news account in the July 6th edition of Newsday.

Madam Secretary, this latest incidence of Mexican interventionism in internal policy issues is an affront, and I implore you to take appropriate action to bring to the attention of the Mexican government that this unacceptable behavior will not be permitted. You should know that our 135,000 members and supporters throughout the country are incensed by the lack of Executive Branch action to rein in the activities of the Mexican government in our country. They will not be satisfied unless there is public evidence that their concern is being heeded.