Quislings in Minnesota

Yes, I realize the title is a bit... strong. However, sometimes it's good to call things by their real names.

The report "Mexican Consulate Opening in Minnesota" informs us that the new consulate:
will issue passports and an identification card called a "matricula consular," which can be used to open bank accounts, cash paychecks and obtain marriage licenses...
The opening follows a long courtship, lead by luminaries such as:
St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly and his predecessor, U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman, had worked to entice Mexican diplomats to locate in the state's capital city, despite efforts by Minneapolis claiming a large and fast-growing Latino population.

In announcing the opening of the consulate, Kelly acknowledged potentially high-profile controversies over Mexican nationals but said the city would not become actively involved in enforcing federal immigration policy.

Mexican Consul General Carlos Sada said at November's press conference that consulates do not promote illegal immigration or pose national security threats.
Yes, and our "leaders" either believe him or want the rest of us to believe him.

For a sickening editorial on the new outpost, check out "Mexican Consulate enhances community" from the St. Paul Pioneer Press. I think we know which side they're on.

Coverage of this troubled state starts in "Would Al Franken be any worse than Norm Coleman?"


What a bunch of crap this issue has become. It's not immigration - it's an invasion. Countless times I've heard Mexican immigrants giddily state that they will conquer America, or subdue the whites, etc, etc. This needs to be stopped!