PETA's Horrible Secret

From September 3, 2003:

We all know that PETA is quite possibly the most annoying and certainly the most arrogant of all the leftist groups currently attempting to alter our way of life. However, I doubt that outside of a few nosy people and former PETA employees anyone knows how they care for homeless pets in Hampton Roads, Virginia (their headquarters, right)...They kill them!

That's right, this warm fuzzy bastion of animal rights kills every once beloved family pet who has the misfortune of being carried through PETA's doors. People take animals to PETA instead of local shelters because they believe that they will be placed into a home and will not be put down. Unlike local animal shelters, PETA doesn't even bother trying to find homes for these pets. All of them are killed within a few hours. In fact, PETA has gone through several area vets, and they refused to euthanize healthy animals. Finally PETA constructed their own facilities for this practice...

PETA doesn't stop with animals who are dropped off at their facility. No, they actively seek out animals throughout the community to kill. PETA sets traps to catch roaming animals all over Hampton Roads. These traps are designed to catch cats, many of these are not just strays but people's pets. They have even ventured onto a local federal installation, where they captured dozens of cats and immediately killed them...

"Holy Moses!" you might be saying. Could this be true? Is this a satire, or an urban legend? How could sweet, sweet Lisa Franzetta be mixed up in something like this?

Well, would you believe the Associated Press (for the most part)? This page appears to have a rewrite of an AP article about PETA's policies. And, in fact, PETA has a page that discusses their euthanization policies.

Part 2 of the quoted article is here. It goes into alleged mind-control by PETA of their employees. And, Part 3 is here.


How is what PETA does "leftist"? Shouldn't any decent person be concerned about much of the abuse PETA tries to publicize to? Their more extreme positions notwithstanding.

I'm sure if PETA had the money, they'd be more than happy to build, staff, and maintain the facilities needed to provide a permanent home to any and every animal brought to them.

A comparison of their placement record with that of other shelters might be interesting.

Otherwise a lot of this is just plain silly.