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Naypyidaw • Riyadh • Mogadishu
The only real libertarian patriot on Twitter. Communists, socialists, statist liberals/conservatives, moochers, freeloaders, and Californians: stay away!
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#Libertarian icon @UpWithLiberty gave away jobs in his Liberia diamond mine this #Christmas. So kids can buy their own presents. #Trump2016
Naypyidaw isn't in Firefox's spelling file. @UpWithLiberty and his parody account @NickGillespie should work on that. #libruhtarian #tcot
"Would shame finally solve the problem of moochers?" by @UpWithLiberty: #GOP #ows #uniteblue #tcot #TEAPARTY
And, guess what? Bobbie Lee Forrest Lee will soon be blogging at alongside @UpWithLiberty & @AriadneHuff! #tcot #ows
Coming soon: @UpWithLiberty will attempt to determine which flavor of Commie is Hillary. Bukharinite or Stalinite or??? #tcot #GOP #TEAPARTY
RT @UpWithLiberty I just signed this petition. Tattoo Welfare Recipients (With "IOU", To Help Them) via @ipetitions
.@UpWithLiberty: thanks for submitting questions to the site, Jim. Now, can you help me get a grant from the govt of Burma?
.@UpWithLiberty has @AriadneHuff and all I've got is this promo photo of @AriannaHuff from the TimeWarner acquisition party.
Based on their tweets, I'll guess the Caymans. The idea that @UpWithLiberty & @AriadneHuff were knocking boots in my Twitter sickens me.
.@kraig4u: @NickGillespie stole his entire persona from @UpWithLiberty, right down to the Aqua Velva aftershave. [Huff guest-curated tweet]
As-salamu alaykum! This is @UpWithLiberty and I'll be filling in for 24 today. I think you'll enjoy my fresh, libetarian take on things!
Changed IP, got @UpWithLiberty his own Disqus account. Comment with #StopObamasAmnesty appeared @ NRO. There's only one other possibility...
MT @UpWithLiberty [a Borstein] why don't more Hwd stars oppose moochers? Most of your $$ is going to support moochers, not for good things.
MT @UpWithLiberty [to meghan_trainor] fat ppl like u should be shamed especially fat moochers. They cost patriots like me more $ for upkeep.
.@harleypyrate02: instead of abolishing IRS, patriot @UpWithLiberty wants the 99% to pay for their big govt:
Shocking @UpWithLiberty tax plan: abolish taxes on the 1%, make moochers pay for their big govt: #ows #occupy
Per @UpWithLiberty, "those who don't join the 1% are simply too lazy, too content to eat EBT lobsters *I* paid for." #libertarian #ows #tcot
More @UpWithLiberty: "the founding principle of the US is that anyone can join the 1%..." #tcot #teaparty #ows #tlot #libertarian
Under the @UpWithLiberty tax plan, the 1% will pay no taxes. "If moochers want a big govt, let them pay for it". #tcot #teaparty #ows #tlot
Word on the street is @UpWithLiberty is working on what he calls an "actually fair fair tax" plan. #libertarian #tcot #teaparty #ows #tlot
.@CaseyJAldridge: sorry! I meant @NickGillespie of #Koch funded Reason, not @UpWithLiberty. Latter just works for Myanmar. #libertarian #ows
.@CaseyJAldridge: @UpWithLiberty of the #Koch funded Reason wants open borders. Kochs probably don't want that: they know what China'd do.
MT @UpWithLiberty .@guypbenson says @asymmetricinfo is "a respected centrist wonk...". At least "centrist" is right: she's no libertarian!
Yes, that's right, famous #libertarian Jim Gillespie is finally on Twitter at @UpWithLiberty. #teaparty #tcot #anarchocapitalism
MT @UpWithLiberty #myfirstTweet is a shout-out to fellow travelers in liberty ... @CatoInstitute, @Koch_Industries, and @Reason. To liberty!