"Mexican Consulate helps locals with their papers"

PIIPPs ("pro-illegal immigration puff pieces") don't just appear in the NYT, they also appear in smaller papers like the Racine, WI Journal Times.

Here's the first paragraph of "Mexican Consulate helps locals with their papers":

Yara Duran wants to open a bank account to start saving money for her 1-year-old daughter, Ashley.

It gets much, much worse:

[Duran obtained] her "matricula consular," a form of identification issued by Mexican consulates all over the world that identifies her as a Mexican citizen. With that document, she will be able to open a bank account.

"In the bank they told me I needed that," Duran said. "And here I am."

...Alberto Martin, North Shore Bank branch manager in Milwaukee [said] "This is our third venture with the Mexican Consulate. We have participated in activities like this before in Milwaukee and Green Bay and now in Racine.

"I believe we are creating a union, a joint work with the Mexican consulate to help Mexicans to obtain matriculas consulares."

As you might imagine, nowhere in the article does it mention that the only people who have any use for Matricula Consular cards are illegal aliens. So, in effect, the bank is working with a foreign nation to enable illegal immigration.

According to the Bush administration, that's OK.

What do you think? Contact the bank's president, Jim McKenna, at 1-800-236-4672 or through this complicated form. The editor of the Racine Journal Times is Randolph Brandt: rbrandt@journaltimes.com