Gallup poll: 49% want immigration decreased

Here's the main findings of a new Gallup poll (

only 14% of Americans wanting to see immigration increased; another 33% want it kept at the present level while 49% want it decreased.

In a more detailed question:

Gallup asked respondents to rate the impact immigrants have on six different aspects of life in the United States. In all but one dimension, more Americans think that immigrants make the situation worse rather than better. This is especially true with respect to taxes and crime, on which close to half the public thinks immigrants make the situation worse. Immigrants are also viewed more negatively than positively in the areas of the overall economy, job opportunities, and social and moral values...

Only 6% think immigrants make the crime situation better, and only 22% think they make the economy better.

It would be helpful if Gallup would include questions about illegal immigration in their polls; I'm sure the numbers would be strongly opposing that form of immigration.


These results are somewhat misleading, since the wording is such as to allow many people to suppose that they're being asked whether immigration should be reduced in the sense of lowering the accumulated total of immigrants. If the question were: 1.x million immigrants arrived last year, is this too high, too low or neither, the response would be probably over 3/4s saying too high.