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Courage Campaign fights for a more progressive California and country. We are an online community powered by more than 1.3 million members.
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.@SaundersCara: advice: don't risk your career by RTing images from @CourageCampaign: They aren't credible. #ows
.@Texas_Liberal: a truly vile smear from @CourageCampaign: You support smears like that? #ows #occupy #uniteblue
.@skippybkroo: if you don't want a reply, don't tweet me, dude. Did @CourageCampaign take Pearce's statement out of context, yes or no? #sgp
.@denisecardinal: will you personally disavow this smear from @CourageCampaign: ? Or, is that OK with you? #tcot
.@ProgressNowNM: any qualms about being partners w/ @CourageCampaign & their reprehensible smear: ? #NewMexico
.@ProgressNowNM: got qualms about being partners with @CourageCampaign & their reprehensible smear: ? #NewMexico
.@ProgressNowNM: any qualms about being partners with @CourageCampaign & their reprehensible smear: ? #NewMexico
.@dcgisenyi: what will #MMFA do about the incredibly sleazy smear from their partners at the @CourageCampaign? See my recent tweets.
.@stephenlemons: how much distance will MMFA, CTA, CFT, etc. put between themselves & @CourageCampaign from now on? #Arizona #immigration
.@stephenlemons: great to see you have cavils w/ the @StandUpToALEC / @CourageCampaign smear of Pearce. We'll see what MMFA etc. have to say
.@skippybkroo: your @CourageCampaign RT is completely deceptive: Sure you want to support people like that? #ows
.@brianellner: see my last tweet for why @CourageCampaign has no ethics or credibility. What sort of sleazy outfit does things like that?
.@itsweezie: the @CourageCampaign has no credibility or ethics. That pic is a reprehensible smear: #ows #tlot