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Robert Reich
Berkeley, CA
Berkeley prof, former Sec. of Labor. Co-Founder @InequalityMedia. Movie: INEQUALITY FOR ALL. Latest book: SAVING CAPITALISM: FOR THE MANY, NOT THE FEW.
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.@ToBeSafeNSound: @RBReich isn't book/street smarts enough to show liteweight Trump proxies like Jeff Lord wrong. He's part of the problem.
.@katw423: we should "debate with words not violence". However, @RBReich can't debate. He can't even show Jeffrey Lord wrong. #resist
.@RBReich has blocked me. The special snowflake needed a safe space after this: #MAGA #Berkeley
#Alexandria shooter was a big @Maddow fan ("Maddow 2020") & praised "Aftershock" by @RBReich. #Berkeley #MAGA #resist
.@wjwcooks: @RBReich can't even show liteweights like @RealJeffreyLord wrong. Plz urge him to attend a Socratic questioning class. #resist
.@M_Alan_Taylor: I agree w @RBReich on some things. But: he's on same side of #immigration as USChamber & he can't show liteweights wrong.
Begorah, he's right! MT @RBReich DT asked Kushner to advise him on how to run govt more like biz. Here's why they're 2 very different tings:
.@RBReich: you have access to Steve Moore, Jeff Lord, etc. but can't show them wrong. What use are you? #CNN #TheResistance
List all the GOP leaners who believe you. MT @RBReich Health ins cos would get $1 billion+ windfall under GOP Obamacare replacement plan
.@RBReich - Berkeley professor - still hasn't learned Socratic questioning. He & Steve Moore are just ranting for different echo chambers.
.@isawhill: Mercer & Bannon have been devastatingly effective. Eg, @RBReich now can't make valid arguments. He can't even show J Lord wrong.
MT @isawhill RT @RBReich: Billionaire Robert Mercer & Steve Bannon have been working w Cambridge Analytica to change the way Americans think
Barely sentient @RBReich says "I've never seen them before" of Milo rioters; tries to claim they're actually rightwingers. #AltRight #UCB
.@RBReich: ask @RealJeffreyLord a series of discrete questions designed to show how he's obviously wrong. Pretend you're a lawyer in court.
.@RBReich: it's hilarious to see a lightweight like @RealJeffreyLord keep winning, but it'd be prevented if you'd ask lawyerly questions.
Reich can't show Lord wrong. It's hilarious & sad. MT @SoSofieFatale [to @RBReich] Jeffrey Lord [isn't] your peer. He is out of his gourd.
MT @press4change A few rides on Air Force One & they're all yours! how Bubba & @RBReich got unions to kill anti-sweatshop movement
The @RBReich "a friend who just happens to sound like me" reminded me of something I posted about years ago but I can't find it.
.@RBReich 's "friend" says #GOP will get "tax cuts galore, deregulation, military buildup, slash all those poverty programs" then impeach.
On his #Facebook diary, @RBReich quotes anonymous "friend who's a former Republican member of Congress" who says very non- #GOP things. Odd!
.@DanielleCC1: FYI, how @RBReich is wrong about Trump Wall: Pretty sad he's a Berkeley prof. #StillWithHer
As everyone might expect, @RBReich is wrong about Trump Wall: #HuffPost #HuffPo #Trump2016 #MAGA
"@RBReich speechless after @RealJeffreyLord claims Trump free to flout ethics because he won". IOW, Lord is smarter (street or not) than RB.
.@RBReich: I'd use Socratic questioning to destroy @RealJeffreyLord. You have to ask a series of discrete questions designed to prove a case
.@RBReich: engaging Trump in real debate would have stopped him; @elizabethforma etc etc could only roll in mud. When'll you clean own Haus?
.@RBReich: you blog "those who fight against a president’s policies are not his personal enemies; they are political opponents and critics".
.@RBReich: yet, @elizabethforma etc etc have engaged in series of vile smears of Trump rather than trying to engage him on important issues.
.@RBReich: your #HuffPost blog "My New Year’s Wish For Donald Trump" would be great, if not for reality. Dems' hands are hardly clean.
He couldn't even show McEnany wrong. That's just sad. MT @doorsixteen I'm going to need @RBReich to talk me through the next four years.
.@rbreich @kayleighmcenany: your #CNN Brawndo Battle is a sad microcosm of the election, like a cracked snowglobe. Both you harm USA.
On #CNN, #Berkeley prof @rbreich was incapable of intellectually vanquishing or even denting @kayleighmcenany. #Trump2016 #StillWithHer
.@johntarnoff: Trump bought off Carrier. @RBReich would subsidize illegal labor for chicken processors. No real difference. #Trump2016
.@RBReich: USA has a mixed economy so most things boil down to "Bribing Giant Corporations". Eg subsidizing their illegal labor as you want.
The liberal equal of Ann Althouse in the thinking dept, @RBReich blogs "Trump Plans To Keep Jobs In America By Bribing Giant Corporations".
.@MarcVegan: why @RBReich isn't credible on #immigration: He's a joke of a thinker on that. #uniteblue
.@liewbob: I'm very right about @RBReich: His #immigration stance helps the 0.1%. #ows #occupy #uniteblue
.@polipaca: some of many reasons @RBReich just isn't credible: Disagree? Tell me why. #immigration #occupy #ows
.@polipaca: some of many reasons @RBReich just isn't credible: Disagree? Tell me why. #immigration #ows #occupy
.@lyndalcairns: @RBreich is really, really, really fake: Disagree? Ask me questions on those. #OWS #occupy
.@adolfwitzeling: @RBReich is completely, absolutely fake: #immigration #ows #occupy #uniteblue
When I say " #immigration policies" of @RBReich, I'm speaking loosely. He clearly doesn't even understand the basics of it. #Stanford #OSF
.@maria_kim @WorleyDervish: #immigration policies of @RBReich help the wealthy at the poor's expense: #OWS
.@keriRN: @RBReich is fake, through and through: Don't get fooled by him. #immigration #moveon #tlot #ows #occupy
.@harveyjkaye: @RBReich disgraces professorhood with his mindless #immigration posts: #Stanford #tcot #oo
.@patrick_cassels: on #immigration, @RBReich is a complete liteweight; he can't even get the basics right:
.@chellegaylor24 @Alderman_Pawar: @RBReich is really, really fake: #immigration #uniteblue #ows #tlot #p2
.@DanJoseph78: to undercut @RBReich, point out to *his fans* how fake he is: Will you help with that? #tcot #tgdn
.@RobinHoodTax: @RBReich is fake, start here for the proof: #immigration #ows #occupy #uniteblue
.@marcylauren: read the posts at and if you still trust @RBReich let me know exactly why. #occupy #ows
.@jefftone1: read the posts at & if you still trust @RBReich let me know. #immigration #uniteblue #occupy