Yes, but is a reeducation camp really the answer?

Al-Guardian reports that George Orwell's spinning speed has now reached 50 RPM. In other news:

90% of whites have few or no black friends

More than nine out of 10 white Britons have no or hardly any ethnic minority friends...

The poll found that 94% of white people say most or all their friends are of the same race, while 47% of ethnic minorities say white people form all or most of their friends. More than half of white people, 54%, said they did not have a single black or Asian person they considered a close friend.

More than eight out of 10 white people have no friends who are practising Muslims, and only one in 10 white people was close to a Hindu or Sikh...

The CRE chair, Trevor Phillips, said... the lack of close knowledge could lead white people to believe lurid tabloid headlines and racist propaganda. "When it comes to race and religion this clearly demonstrates we are dealing with a difference of which most people in this country have no first-hand experience, and therefore it is not surprising that they can be misled about blacks, Gypsies and Muslims, and it's not surprising that for no apparent reason they can become hostile and racist..."

Mr Phillips said integration could not be left to chance. He believed the government should fund US-style summer camp places for 16-year-olds where they can take part in activities with teenagers they would otherwise not meet...

Well, I guess that explains why all those whites are crypto-racists. And, given the UK's inability to stand up for minor things like privacy and against minor things like rampant political correctness, I'm sure they'll just get on trains and head right on down to the nearest reeducation camp.

Note also the name of the article's author: Vikram Dodd.

On a personal note, a couple of months ago Lonewacko briefly met an English lady of Indian extraction. If she had not gone back to London on a family emergency, Lonewacko would have eagerly added her to his (currently empty) Friendster clique.