steve lopez

Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times

Steve Lopez is a Los Angeles Times columnist. He supports massive and illegal immigration, but that appears to be more motivated by an inability to think than a long-held intellectual belief. Another motivation is last name-based opportunism: his U.S. immigrant grandparents were from Spain and Italy.

Last modified Sep 7, 2014
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Steve Lopez: up with illegal immigration propaganda, allegedly Mexico-linked CHIRLA - 05/28/07

Via this, Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times offers "Family crossed the border to success". The family in question is that of Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles.

Let's help Steve Lopez think - 04/30/06

L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez - at that link being snowed by a Mexican consul - offers "For One Migrant, March Is a Luxury". It concerns a housekeeper he met: I met Hernandez, 39, a while back at a birthday party for my nanny's son.

Handouts? Go Beyond the Usual [Canards and Suspects] - 08/27/04

In one or two columns, Steve Lopez of the L.A. Times was starting to make some sense. See April's "Way Too Many People in Paradise".

"Growing Problem Demands a Plan" - 06/07/04

The L.A. Times' Steve Lopez wonders why California's "leaders" aren't planning for the future. He mentions the Public Policy Institute of California as one of the few groups that's paying attention to out of control immigration and growth. They're working on a report on this topic ('Taking on the Future: California in 2025'), but it won't be available until next year.