Does Silicon Valley support illegal immigration?

As discussed here yesterday, CA Assemblyman Manny Diaz (D-San Jose) is the author of a bill that would mandate statewide acceptance of Mexico's Matricula Consular ID cards.

This is a horrible idea. The MC cards are only of use to illegal aliens; legal residents and other forms of immigrants have other forms of ID which they can use. Diaz himself admits as much: "This bill will benefit thousands of Mexican nationals." Further, the widespread acceptance of the MC card is part of Mexico's strategy to achieve legalization one way or another. It will enable illegal aliens to get driver's licenses and perhaps even to vote. And, it will just encourage further illegal immigration.

So, it appears that a state representative wants to help foreign nationals evade U.S. laws. And, he is also indirectly or directly helping a foreign government achieve its goals.

If you disagree with Diaz' efforts, perhaps one way to make your voice heard is to look at who supported him in his last election. Here's a table of some contributions made to his campaign in the 2001 / 2002 Election Cycle (sources: this and this):

Pacific Bell-related: $8500
PG & E: $6000
Hewlett Packard: $5000
John and Ann Doerr (combined): $4000
AT&T: $3500
Intuit: $3000
AOL TimeWarner: $3000
Microsoft: $3000
Sun Microsystems: $1500
Intel: $1000

Sure, they're all pretty much small amounts. But, they add up. And, if those companies and individuals knew he was going to propose legislation supporting illegal immigration, maybe they wouldn't have given any money to his campaign at all. Or, maybe the opposite is the case.

So, to clear this matter up, perhaps we should contact those companies and ask them: Does your company support illegal immigration?

(For background, see "Mexico's Northern Strategy", and my standard set of links.)


Who cares??? really, does it matter the company supports it? why is it a bad idea?