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@MariaTCardona @CNN @AC360 Maria you continue to represent us well each time. Very great points you made
Join us @CNN @AC360 now!!
@AC360 @scottienhughes @ananavarro @CNN Navarro is truly disgusting.Instead of having a debate She is abusive to other guests (Trump people)
.@JLettermanMB [mcenany] I wish you could join scottienhughes [Lewandowski] & [Jeff Lord] on @AC360 tonight. That would be 4 heavy hitters!
@kayleighmcenany I wish you could join @scottienhughes @CLewandowski_ and @realJeffreyLord on @AC360 tonight. That would be 4 heavy hitters!
@smerconish @AC360 @realJeffreyLord @realDonaldTrump Trump is a man of the people and master of the Media
You can't make this stuff up- In midst of our @AC360 segment, @realJeffreyLord takes call from @realDonaldTrump re convention
False dichotomies are fun! #WWE #tcot #ows RT @TaraSetmayer: Behind the scenes on @CNN @AC360. We may not agree but we can still get along!
RT @DefendingtheUSA: In case you missed it @realDonaldTrump was phenomenal on @AC360 earlier today! FULL INTERVIEW -->…
RT @AC360: These children are fleeing for their lives. They are refugees and should be treated like refugees - @SLNazario on the #immigrati…
RT @AC360 What was it like to be in the moderator's seat? @CrowleyCNN is talking about the experience// Meanwhile, the seat is in the ICU.