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John W Reed
Fort Worth, TX
Beloved husband, happy and fulfilled teacher, minister, evangelist, preacher of pure grace and the Cross, the Finished Work.
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.@WordDude77802: what are the downsides to the mass #immigration @KennedyNation favors (because Reason told her it's good)? #libruhtarian
That's good, @KennedyNation needs someone with a brain to defend her. Let me ask you this... MT @WordDude77802 Kennedy I got your back
.@WordDude77802: if @KennedyNation had a brain she'd be dangerous. All she knows she regurgitates from Reason. Hope she's off KFI fillin 4vr
Yes. I don't care. No. MT @WordDude77802 is this some sleight against #KennedyNation? Kennedy is one of my favorite celebs. Be cool.