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Wayne Austin
Marietta, Georgia
US Army vet Tech Support Engineer for @Analog_Way; National security libertarian. Connoisseur of cigars, bourbon & chocolate milk.
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.@WaynesterAtl: my issue is he's all talk & refuses to help with this plan that'd stop amnesty:
.@WaynesterAtl: Kaus has been relatively OK on #immigration for several years, but still supports mass legalization.
.@WaynesterAtl: @KausMickey is too much of a pussy to ask Boxer a question to her face. Instead he put on fake, cowardly press conference.
.@WaynesterAtl: what I mean is @KausMickey had a chance to challenge Barbara Boxer to her face during his run: they were in the same room.
.@WaynesterAtl: this would have stopped amnesty: Kaus refused to help. He refused to challenge Boxer when he could..
.@WaynesterAtl: the best way to undercut @KausMickey is to point out to #Teaparty etc. that he never *does* anything. He's all talk.
.@WaynesterAtl: following up, what do you think of the Stop Amnesty Challenge? If used over and over, wouldn't it do what it says?
.@WaynesterAtl: but, @KausMickey refuses because I'm involved. He's jealous of me or something. That's more important than stopping amnesty.
.@WaynesterAtl: all Coulter has to do is merely *threaten* to use that, & pro-amnesty leaders will back off. Kaus could get her to do it.
.@WaynesterAtl: this is designed to discredit Hillary etc. to *their* target audiences:
.@WaynesterAtl: Hillary, etc. isn't going to keep pushing amnesty if *her* target audience realize she's lying to them & ignoring downsides.
.@WaynesterAtl: discrediting pro-amnesty leaders to *their* target audiences would go a very long way towards stopping amnesty/etc.
.@WaynesterAtl: given how much Kaus has written against amnesty, how come he never actually *does* anything to stop it? Ever wonder?
.@WaynesterAtl: top amnesty opponents don't have battle plans to stop amnesty, or their plans have clearly failed. You should demand better.