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Wajahat Ali
D.C. by way of The Bay
Writer, Recovering Attorney, Tired Dad, Chai Drinker. @nytimes Contrib. Oped Writer; Host/Contrib. @HuffPost; Speaker @TheLavinAgency.
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.@WajahatAli: only Socratic debate will stop #AHCA. See my pinned tweet & get her to develop tough policy Q's. Then urge ppl to ask them.
.@WajahatAli: how many lawmakers' minds did she change? Did anyone say "I'm changing my vote because of what she said in that echo chamber"?
MT @WajahatAli My badass wife, Dr. Sarah Kureshi, a badass family medicine expert in front of the Capitol Hill explaining why #AHCA is toxic
.@WajahatAli @DanaBashCNN: under just stringent screening, no paper trail = no admittance. Ask @benfergusonshow why he opposes that.
.@WajahatAli @DanaBashCNN: @benfergusonshow 's talking point is so common, it must have a common origin. IAC, answer is better screening.
.@WajahatAli @DanaBashCNN: you let @benfergusonshow use stock, idiotic talking point about #MuslimBan countries not keeping valid records.