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I am Hispanic, most importantly I am a USMC Veteran supporting Donald Trump #Trump2016 Vets did not die for open borders #LatinosWithTrump #Veterans4Trump
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.@irmahinojosa_ @Veteran4Trump: does @antoniosabatojr support the anti-American DREAM Act like Trump does? #MAGA #immigration
.@woitekj @Veteran4Trump: Trump just had to ramp up screening. Did he? Is he? No, he's passing the buck on blame for terrorism.
Wrong. MT @woitekj RT @Veteran4Trump: He's doing what he was elected for. [Trump] is Enforcing immigration laws & restoring the Constitution
.@scottp9563 @Veteran4Trump: Trump's "dreamers" speech was just more hot air. He should have undercut anti-American #DREAMAct. #Trump2016
.@Trump_for_USA @wmleemert @Veteran4Trump: illegal aliens made Hill worse. Trump can't force Obama into being better. You enable that.
.@wmleemert @Veteran4Trump: if Trump had just called for tough screening a year ago, he'd have reduced possible future terror. He didn't.
What has Trump done to stop that, right now? MT @Born2RunJosh RT @Veteran4Trump: ...[Obama's] quietly fast-tracking refugees into America!
.@Veteran4Trump: Trump's new, improved ban would let in jihadis from France, keep out Christians from Lebanon. He can't figure that out.
Have O's opponents done anything to stop him? MT @gailtalk RT @Veteran4Trump: Obama is to blame for breakdown of immigration law enforcement
Trump isn't the answer.He has a mass legalization plan. MT @clarissamehler RT @Veteran4Trump: Hillary wants to reward Illegals with amnesty!
.@Veteran4Trump @HoustonWelder: no, this is a link: Trump's spokesmodel violated the "Important note", helping NCLR.
.@HoustonWelder @Veteran4Trump: "La Raza San Diego"? What's that?
.@Veteran4Trump: Trump *helps* Obama continue his immigration agenda: Stop being a fanboy & make him better
.@Veteran4Trump @PhilipRucker: they should just point out how obviously incompetent @katiepack is. She could stop Trump if she were smart.
.@Veteran4Trump: >1 month later, no one with any power supports Trump's Muslims plan. IOW, it's not a real plan: it won't go anywhere. #tcot