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.#MAGA TRUMP supporters, U.S. Army Retiree's, (Iraq) Happily Married, The VA Sucks! Government employees check their patriotism at the door! @realdonaldtrump
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.@UCitizens: both you & Trump can't figure out how Trump could influence Obama. I can. It's time to put USA first & urge Trump acts smart.
.@UCitizens: Trump could have made supporting/enabling BLM & MoveOn toxic for Bernie & MSM. Trump couldn't figure that out or didn't care.
.@UCitizens: I know this won't be clear, but BLM/MoveOn are already toxic to Trump fans & #FoxNews. I mean toxic *to their benefactors*.
.@UCitizens: anti-Trump melee in #Chicago involved #BLM & #MoveOn. Any competent pol would have used the melee to make BLM/MoveOn toxic.
.@UCitizens: if Trump were smart & patriotic, he could have reduced the power that BLM & MoveOn have. Stop enabling him. #Trump2016 #tcot
.@UCitizens: me, @MLP_Officiel, in fact any competent pol would've used Chicago to drive a wedge between Bernie & BLM. Trump couldn't do it.
.@UCitizens: citizens can't be deported except under extremely rare conditions. So, that part is a fantasy world. Trump flubbed stopping BLM