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Gabe Ortíz
San Francisco, CA
Immigrant rights, @AmericasVoice. Bylines: @PRI, @Univision, @WashingtonPost. American, Latino, catlady. Cancer survivor. Views here are my own.
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Who funds America's Voice? MT @jesseberney RT @TUSK81: Donald Trump will pay all of his contractors before Mexico pays for the wall
.@TUSK81: you never answered by '13 Q: is illegal aliens paying taxes a moral hazard, encouraging the feds to look the other way?
.@NarriolaDC @TUSK81: you're up in arms about grifters. CIS could stop amnesty if they wanted, like by asking tougher questions. They won't.
.@TUSK81: what's ironic is how much @NumbersUSA helps you. They're just a scam outfit, stealing money from suckers. #GOPDebate #Trump2016
.@pwolgin @TUSK81: @NeelKashkari is a pro-corporate Bushie on the same side of #immigration as you. #California #tcot #CAGOP #GOP #sgp
RT @pwolgin RT @TUSK81: Congrats to @JerryBrownGov on a fourth term! GOPer @NeelKashkari yet another victim of @CAGOP's Pete Wilson legacy.
.@TUSK81: here's a question for your colleague: Feel free to provide your own answer. #immigration #tcot #teaparty
.@youmyknitta: ask @TUSK81 why he wasn't able to answer my question for him. Since he can't, should you trust him? #immigration #uniteblue
.@Wingdcw: @TUSK81 is supporting govt corruption, see my tweets. #immigration @malomalosaur @TheSteev_69 @Kidipede @TerryDelTaylor #ows #p2
.@TUSK81: doesn't that give the Feds a profit incentive to enable more illegal #immigration? Support corruption much? #UniteBlue #OWS #tcot
RT @TUSK81 ..undocumented immigrants paid over $11 BILLION in taxes in 2010// So, govt has financial stake in illegal activity? #tcot #ows