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Steven Ertelt
I'm the founder and Editor of the world's #1 pro-life web site. Christian, pro-life, Republican, Steelers, baseball and rock music fan.
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.@StevenErtelt: instead of pleading with pols, I want to *make* pols do what I want on assisted suicide. Why won't you help?
.@ConnieAustinTX: in June, I told @StevenErtelt how to stop assisted suicide & he refused to help. He's part of the problem.
.@StevenErtelt: calls & letters against #SB128 are needed, but won't be enough. This will stop it: Will you help?
.@chris63414391 @StevenErtelt: how to stop U.S. euthanasia bills right now: I need you two to submit questions.
.@StevenErtelt: I tried & failed to get Breitbart to *stop* amnesty months ago using Can you try?