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Christian, VRWC, Navy. If bureaucracy is cancer, then let liberty be a plague. μολὼν λαβέ #PJNET #TGDN
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MT @smitty_one_each Deez Nuts immigration policy starts w/ fixing Visa problem by cutting up the credit card// Obama appreciates your help.
.@smitty_one_each: how's @kausmickey 's success rate on helping stop amnesty? What did he actually do that would have stopped it?
@smitty_one_each @24AheadDotCom BHO unserious about "getting guns out of hands of criminals." 15K felons tried to buy guns '10, 44 pros'ctd.
.@smitty_one_each: I'm fighting any mass legalization pre- or post- a secure border, not playing hash tag games. #immigration #tcot #tgdn
.@Saekja: @smitty_one_each thinks #immigration - one of most vital issues facing USA - is a "distraction". @BobBelvedere @cjbuurman #tgdn
.@smitty_one_each is such an idiot, he thinks #immigration is a "distraction". See #tcot #tgdn #GOP #teaparty #p2
Why @MarcoRubio isn't credible on #immigration: @heymikey80 @cmoorerltr @michelelfrost @smitty_one_each @itsEric
@rsmccain: I meant "Wombat". @smitty_one_each said "I think that Wombat deleted a Mork reply to me in a comment. All I know. "
@Smitty_One_Each: @rsmccain deletes comment @ & bans me; will add to: #teaparty