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Dedicated Democratic liberal waking up each morning trying to figure out how I ended up in Georgia and who these people are.
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.@SharonJ44257163 @kirk_boundy: help undercut @scottienhughes *to Trump fans* (where it hurts): #CNN
.@SharonJ44257163: feel free to cowardly run away then. At least you're admitting I'm right about everything.
.@SharonJ44257163: calling me "bubba" is a racist microaggression; I'm emailing the Dean. Also, will you admit you were wrong about Carson?
.@SharonJ44257163: vid of Ben Carson promising to legalize millions of illegal aliens: (PS MoJo=Mother Jones mag)
.@SharonJ44257163: following up your racist microaggressions, you show the same Epistemic Closure as #GOP. You're also wrong about B.Carson.
.@SharonJ44257163: both #MoJo & Ben Carson want to legalize millions of illegal aliens. Do you deny that?
MT @SharonJ44257163 [a moi] You're barking up the wrong twitter account bubba.// "Bubba" = microaggression & racism. #ows #tcot #uniteblue
.@SharonJ44257163: Ben Carson, USChamber, #WalMart, & #MoJo are on the same basic side of #immigration: all want mass legalization. #ows
.@MsRock4Ever: Jose Vargas is very close to Silicon Valley, which wants more #H1B visas in order to lower wages. @SharonJ44257163 #tlot #ows