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.@shannonfarren: $500 sneakers indicates a cultural problem. Maybe you shouldn't enable and encourage that.
.@shannonfarren: I double loop (surgical knot), don't have a problem with laces coming undone even when hiking/jogging. #vital #important
.@shannonfarren: flat white cotton shoelaces don't come undone but tighten up too much. Round, slick 99 Cents laces are much better. #vital
.@shannonfarren: @JohnAndKenShow hype video of a monkey throwing feces into zoo crowd, landing on disabled elderly lady. #KFI = #noclass
.@shannonfarren: 10s of millions live in smoggy areas; that # won't decrease even if some move. Kobylt can't figure that out @JohnAndKenShow
.@shannonfarren: @JohnAndKenShow is getting even dumber & more embarrassing. Kobylt says those in smoggy areas should just move. #KFI
.@aronbender @shannonfarren: only today did @JohnAndKenShow realize Puzder is a big amnesty fan. Me 2 months ago:
.@aronbender @shannonfarren: @JohnAndKenShow are about to feature a deceptive study: #KFI #immigration
.@shannonfarren: Kobylt plan: Trump fans should shut down Hillary rallies. Smart plan: Trump toxifies MoveOn/BLM, forces split w/ Hill/Bern.
.@shannonfarren: #KFI obviously delivers the Straight Outta Compton demo, not the Straight Outta Jamestown/Karelia/Montserrat demo. #radio
.@shannonfarren: Kobylt just rants to echo chamber & punches down (McD workers, bus riders, etc.) doesn't even try to challenge authority.
.@shannonfarren: sad to hear @JohnAndKenShow devolve (yes, they were better) into ranting libertarian/teaparty sociopathic loon #radio.
.@shannonfarren: terrorist training camp:
.@shannonfarren: John Kobylt is *really* upset about this #CA energy bill. Almost like someone's paying him. Oh, wait, those ads.... #KFI
.@shannonfarren: John seems to be confusing Diaz-Balart (Cuban-American on MSNBC) with Jorge Ramos(supposedly Mexican-American on Univision)
.@shannonfarren: see and spend some time thinking through how #California bill #SB128 would work in practice.
Speaking from intense ignorance about how things work, @shannonfarren & (o/c) J&K hype #AssistedSuicide. #KFI
.@shannonfarren: another way Kobylt tries to con #KFI listeners is like this: #LosAngeles
.@shannonfarren: most #KFI listeners are smart, they know Kobylt is conning them like with this: #LosAngeles
.@shannonfarren: instead of calling out foreign agent manques like Cedillo, Kobylt turns on his fellow citizens. Libertarian = unpatriotic.
.@shannonfarren: a pro-American Kobylt would point out how illegal immig. reduces fast food wages & call Cedillo etc on it. #LosAngeles
.@shannonfarren: or, did Kobylt get a Koch grant? If KennedyNation or Reason, how dumb does someone have to be not to see how they're wrong?
.@shannonfarren: was turning into a libertarian sociopath a post-Whitney Houston condition? Or, did Kobylt get convinced by @KennedyNation?
.@shannonfarren: I've written 38 posts about J&K since 2003. I'm shocked at how much of an anti-American libertarian sociopath Kobylt became
.@shannonfarren: are #Koch etc paying Kobylt, or is he just so intellectually weak he fell for a @Reason pitch a child wouldn't fall for?
.@shannonfarren: pre-Whitney, J&K crowed about independence. Post-Whitney, Kobylt has turned into a cookie cutter #Koch sociopath. #KFI
.@shannonfarren: DMV appts aren't until Mar/Apr & only 2 L.A. offices accept walk-ins: Plus: a two to five hour wait.
.@shannonfarren: this is the only realistic plan to stop amnesty right now: Very Kobylty. Plz urge them to do it.
.@shannonfarren: hiliting funny-sounding studies is how charlatans do things: Those condoms might save $ & lives.
.@shannonfarren: tip for John & Ken: riding down the left side of the bell curve is a fun ride, but hitting rock bottom hurts. #tcot #KFI
.@shannonfarren: a media pro has as low an opinion of Neel Kashkari as I do. Trying to get permission to post it. #California #tcot #gop
.@shannonfarren: how will #KFI listeners react when they realize J&K fave Kashkari supports driver's licenses for illegal aliens?
.@SusanDadamo: #KFI will *never* call Kashkari on smearing me on #KMJ for asking him questions: @shannonfarren
RT @24AheadDotCom: .@shannonfarren: crazy Steve Ballmer dances, screams at #Microsoft event: Also: #immigration is #…
.@shannonfarren: crazy Steve Ballmer dances, screams at #Microsoft event: Also: #immigration is #1 issue. #KFI
.@shannonfarren: round trip was ~1200 miles, 3 hikes in 3 nat. parks, total time ~40 hours IIRC. I'd like to see Ken Chiampou try that. #KFI
.@shannonfarren: I took short hikes in #Zion, #Bryce, & north rim #GrandCanyon all in one day. Also, challenge Kashkari like reporters do.
.@shannonfarren: Cedar Breaks is like a higher Bryce, that you can't go down into. Also, how about covering this:
.@shannonfarren: 1,488' is very, very low. Mt Hollywood in Griffith Park is higher. Mt Baldy (my bg) is 10,064'. There are 12 14ers in CA.
RT @24AheadDotCom: .@JDBennett4AD31: help educate those duped by Kashkari by showing them @shannonfarren #tcot #KFI …
.@JDBennett4AD31: help educate those duped by Kashkari by showing them @shannonfarren #tcot #KFI #tgdn
.@shannonfarren: when your listeners learn how bad Kashkari is on #immigration, it's going to hurt ratings. I'm educating them. #KFI #tcot
.@shannonfarren: John, regaining a tiny drop of testosterone, asked Kashkari about #immigration. Then, let Kashkari deflect it to *water*.
.@Mike92882: point out to the few @shannonfarren fans that she didn't do her job and ask Kashkari tough questions. She's just a cheerleader.
@24AheadDotCom @neelkashkari @shannonfarren sorry but anyone but #JerryBrown I live in #LA county and this state is in trouble
.@arezo_ra: @neelkashkari wants to be #CA gov, not dogcatcher. #KFI, J&K, & @shannonfarren treat him like MSM does Obama. #tcot #teaparty
.@arezo_ra: maybe you can ask @shannonfarren why she isn't doing her job & asking Kashkari tough questions:
.@NeelKashkari: list at least 2 specific downsides to comp. #immigration reform that you can think of. #KFI @shannonfarren
.@shannonfarren: but, I guess the post-Whitney #JohnAndKen aren't willing to do things like that, but are becoming like other ineffectuals.
.@shannonfarren: many years ago, #JohnAndKen went after DHS spokesholes like Russ Knocke. That's what they *should* do now about border kids