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Monterey, CA
Servant of the King. Wife of @darian_johns. 1/3 of @bellesofliberty. Dog person.
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Ignore as worthless scum: @Serenity_Jayne @SamiSuzie
.@SamiSuzie: I "tagged" you about Buck Sexton because he's consistently refused to reply to me. I was hoping you'd put USA first & help out.
.@SamiSuzie: @BuckSexton could always do a @HealyBaum & drop out since Trump won't do smart things. Does he lack self-respect?
.@SamiSuzie: @BuckSexton is on #CNN as some sort of Trump proxy. I would be *extremely* surprised if he & those like him weren't in contact.
.@SamiSuzie: eg, @BuckSexton could get @GovBrewer to patiently explain to Trump how Trump Wall would be blocked like SB1070. Why won't he?
.@SamiSuzie: in reply to me, you say @BuckSexton is "not a miracle worker". Since Trump has changed in response to inputs, no miracle needed
.@SamiSuzie: I asked @BuckSexton to help smarten Trump up, & obviously if he did anything it failed.