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A humble Piedmont county in Vi
South Side Chi-born journalist, publisher, magazine midwife, ex-GWB Institute, -AEI, -i-banker, -EngProf. Have another kid: It will doubtless be better than you
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.@Sam_Schulman: hey Sam, I still haven't seen your response: Got any patriotism, Sam?
.@Sam_Schulman: hey Sam, I missed your response: Be loyal to USA, not grifters like Kaus.
So, will you pressure @KausMickey to be patriotic & finally assist my plan? MT @Sam_Schulman [my plan is better than Kaus' plan] Of course!
.@Sam_Schulman: I missed your response. Is being a threat to a politician's career stronger than just begging that politician?
.@Sam_Schulman: calling Congress = begging. My plan = telling Congress: do this or your career's over. Which is the stronger plan?
.@Sam_Schulman: I'm sure you can figure it out with my help. Is - if implemented - smarter than calling Congress?
.@Sam_Schulman: hey Sam, is there a smarter plan you can think of to stop amnesty than Kaus' plan to phone Congress?
.@Sam_Schulman: the only smart plan to stop Obama's amnesties: @kausmickey 's emotional issues won't let him help.
.@Sam_Schulman: the @kausmickey "plan" to stop Obama's amnesties is... phoning Congress. That's a very lunkhead plan that's rarely worked.
In the political realm, Kaus has a lot to atone for. MT @Sam_Schulman I didn't because that's between @kausmickey and his God.
.@Sam_Schulman: you never answered my 2015 question, Sam. Is Kaus doing all he could to stop amnesty? Did he do all he could since Sep 2015?
.@Sam_Schulman: let me try again: is @KausMickey doing all he could to stop amnesty? Is he going to the wall?
.@Sam_Schulman: especially since illegal #immigration affects hundreds of millions of people. It's not a game nor is it entertainment.
.@Sam_Schulman: per your photo, you're 40s or 50s. Yet, "I don't know. Do you?" is something a 5-year-old would say. Please do better, Sam.
.@Sam_Schulman: you've never been able to come up with a grown-up reply, Sam. Has Kaus done all he can to stop amnesty?
.@Sam_Schulman: you're old enough to give a grown-up reply, Sam. Answer my question: has Kaus done all he could to stop amnesty?
.@Sam_Schulman: has Kaus done all he could to stop amnesty, or is there more he could have done if he really wanted to stop it?
.@Sam_Schulman: Krikorian isn't on our side: Please demand he does his job instead of enabling him.
.@Sam_Schulman: compare Kaus weak effort against Julia Preston to & dozens of tweets he won't help with.
Points you can make against @mattklewis & other pro-amnesty cons: @NickStuart @vicnewyork @Sam_Schulman #tcot #p2