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Katy, TX.
I am a Patriot who loves, supports, and defends my country and its interests with devotion. I regard myself as a defender, Veteran, US Army.
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.@saddletrap: @EliRubenstein hypes #immigration thoughts of a #Chemtrails guy. Point that out to his Country Club #GOP buddies. #tcot #tgdn
.@saddletrap: a tiny step to do something about the 1/6 figure is to coerce @TheMattWilstein into doing his job. See my tweets to him. #tcot
.@liars_never_win @saddletrap @CounterMoonbat: compare my #AskTheWhitehouse question to others. Which would actually hold them accountable?
Ed Morrissey can't block amnesty, but I can with your help: @pinkalchemy @saddletrap @conservatweet @GulfDogs