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Rob Shattuck
Birmingham, AL, USA
#DeclareForDemocracy AL 6th Cong'l district
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.@RobShattuckAL06: see and
.@RobShattuckAL06: ask Gary Palmer if he'd ever support legalizing more than 100,000 illegal aliens. #Alabama #tcot #teaparty
.@RobShattuckAL06: you can go to a Gary Palmer event with a cameraman & ask him what he'd do *after* the border is secure. #Alabama
.@RobShattuckAL06: I can't help you get Gary Palmer to answer that question, but I will suggest a better question you can ask him.
.@RobShattuckAL06: It's great that exists. Want to make them *effective*? Use
.@RobShattuckAL06: unlike @Lessig2016, I'm interested in *truly* keeping the elites in check: by opposing their NeoLiberal policies. #ows
.@RobShattuckAL06: I have no "personal plan to help advance campaign finance reform during the next 14 months". I'm not MoveOn. #tcot #ows