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Robert A George
New York City
New York Daily News editorial board, blogger, comic-book nerd, standup comedian, improviser, pun-dit, etc.
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.@RobGeorge: it's funny to see @dylanmatt quoting #Koch source after #Koch source, & his readers thinking that's "liberal". #Vox #uniteblue
.@RobGeorge: Kaus' main signature issue is amnesty. Does he have an action plan - realistic things ppl can do now - to stop it?
@FieldRoamer @Hesiod2k11 @RobGeorge @kausmickey @davidfrum yep, his ceiling is 48%.
He's still under water and likely to remain that way for the duration. @Hesiod2k11 @Arianna8927 @RobGeorge @kausmickey @davidfrum
Hmm MT @Arianna8927: Gallup: Obama Matches his Best Approval Rating of 2014 Today; @RobGeorge @kausmickey @davidfrum