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Robbie Sherwood
Recovered reporter. Obsessed w/politics, pop culture, humor. Jerk of all trades, master of pun. Comms Director for Mayor of Phoenix. Opinions mine.
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.@RobbieSherwood: hey Robbie, if Arpaio got his way would wages rise or fall?
.@RobbieSherwood: @AZPMnews lied and covered it up: That something you support? #Arizona #NPR #tcot #ows
.@RobbieSherwood: corporations wanting Latino workers to lower wages (which you support) is NOT inconsistent w/ them opposing Latino voting.
.@RobbieSherwood: Rand Paul, etc. all want Latino *workers* but not *voters*. That's a very common "conservative" position. #immigration
.@RobbieSherwood: do you have a valid argument against any of the #immigration claims made in the 3 PDFs? #tcot #teaparty #Arizona #OWS #p2
.@RobbieSherwood: whatever the status of those then, they aren't in a search of the #ALEC site using their search tool now. #immigration
.@RobbieSherwood: so far I only see 3 checked PDFs that are actually about #immigration. 1 opposes "amnesty", a word amnesty fans don't use.
.@RobbieSherwood: I wasn't born yesterday. "Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act" is about reducing Dem voting, not really #immigration.
.@RobbieSherwood: how many of the PDFs (which I can't bulk search AFAIK) at one of those CMD links are actually mostly about #immigration?
.@RobbieSherwood: =>
.@RobbieSherwood: #ALEC might pander & have factions, but their #immigration stance will naturally be the same as yours: pro-corporate. #ows
.@RobbieSherwood: bzzt. Just 2 search results at #ALEC site for #immigration, both incidental. ALEC is corporate funded & #Koch linked. #ows
.@RobbieSherwood: do you know the #ALEC position on #immigration perchance?
.@RobbieSherwood: a friend wants to support #immigration reform, but he worries about involvement of USChamber. Do you know what they want??