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Rockwall, TX
#AmericaFirst, #MAGA, #2A, #MolonLabe, #NRA, #Capitalist, #CFO, #USC #Trojan, #Runner, also @PoliticlMadness
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.@RickMad: now, take it to the next level. Urge Trump & his proxies to do things that undercut Obama & Hill on #immigration right now.
.@tweet2u2: being Trump fanboys & Hill haters is *bad* for anti-amnesty, anti-SJW etc. movements. #tcot #teaparty @RickMad #trump2016
.@tweet2u2: I want to pressure Trump, Hill, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, etc. to be better on amnesty, against SJWs, etc. @RickMad #trump2016
.@RickMad: #Trump2016 hates Paul Ryan, yet it was Ryan not Trump who demanded Obama release full Mateen transcript. #MAGA #tcot #teaparty
Curious ▶️ @24AheadDotCom_ , ◀️ Since you apparently don't promote either Hillary or Trump, who is your choice for Pres? @RickMad
.@RickMad: post some examples of Trump being selfless & putting USA first. Examples with accompanying press releases don't count. #tcot
.@RickMad: everything Trump has ever done is about him & making money. One hesitates to think what he'd do to avoid losing Trump Org.
.@RickMad: Trump is owned by big banks: he's taken out large loans & he needs their $ to finance his projects. That clear? @DennisCrabtree
.@RickMad: I didn't say Trump was a globalist, just that his business is owned by big banks. Those aren't even related. @DennisCrabtree
.@RickMad: Trump is owned by big banks.If he messes w them, they'll mess w Trump Org. He's more vulnerable than anyone else. @DennisCrabtree
@RickMad @realDonaldTrump My guy? I had several I could have voted for, you #tRUMPtards voted your guy in. You wanted him, you own this.
@RickMad @realDonaldTrump It doesn't bother you that he would even CONSIDER this? This SOLID conservative Constitutionalist. You were conned
@RickMad WHAT? Your demigod @realDonaldTrump Has already started betraying you on the #2ND.