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Richard Spencer
Arlington, VA
'The Karl Marx of the Alt Right.' ~Glenn Beck President of The National Policy Institute; Co-Editor of
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After all my Coulter tweets, there's this -> MT @RichardBSpencer Brady/Belichick are about to win bigly for Trump/#AltRight/White America!
.@RichardBSpencer: if you weren't inferior, you'd realize fight against anti-speech far-left is a mindwar & discredit those who enable them.
MT @RichardBSpencer 1st thing cops & @realdonaldtrump could do to end violence is require antifa rioters to show their faces or face arrest
#MuslimBan helped them raise $20 mil. MT @highkarate RT @RichardBSpencer: It's as if @ACLU has some sort of anti-white agenda or something
I questioned it >1 year ago. #AltRight MT @RichardBSpencer I thought [Trump would] be a populist and immigration hawk. I question that now.
.@loveliveshereMT: @RichardBSpencer could help himself & USA by walking you through various scenarios. Since he can't/won't I'll do it.
.@derekp78 @RichardBSpencer: ACLU & MX govt blocked Arizona's SB1070 for 6 years & gutted it. They'd do the same to Trump Wall.
.@derekp78: this is the context: @RichardBSpencer
.@zpleat: at MMFA, you object to #Twitter reinstating @RichardBSpencer, another way of saying you don't know anyone who can show him wrong.
.@RichardBSpencer: will you contact reporters who hyped @SPLCenter 's deceptive report, demanding updates? See
.@RichardBSpencer: now that #Twitter has reinstated you, how about helping stop their censorship? Will you do ?
.@KraftyWurker @RichardBSpencer @JamesEdwardsTPC @adissidentright: show you support US Constitution. File an FCC complaint against @630khow
Per @RichardBSpencer: "I see 'lying press' and 'Lügenpresse' all over the place... It's typical Alt Right: serious..." #Trump2016 #LOL
.@RichardBSpencer in LAT: "Before Trump, our identity ideas, national ideas, they had no place to go". He's not as smart as illegal aliens.
.@RichardBSpencer @derekp78: Trump lacks smarts/sanity/patriotism to undercut BLM when he could've. Is that intellectually serious too?
.@RichardBSpencer @derekp78: is #TrumpWall - something ACLU & MX govt would block for years & stop - intellectually serious & pragmatic?
MT @RichardBSpencer RT @derekp78 The big secret about #AltRight: we are the West's only intellectually serious pragmatists. [eto vsyo]
Blame Trump's enablers like Coulter, Kaus, etc. Shame them into doing smart things. MT @RichardBSpencer Pence... was a stupid selection.
@RichardBSpencer: see my fisking of Rand Paul's speech for more (last tweet).