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got a short little span of attention • vox for hire • simul justus et peccator • somebody’s baby
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My column: (Border) children's stories: The children I met speak of a refugee disaster via @usatoday @usatopinion
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From @drmoore
Excellent @KirstenPowers column on the refugee kids at the border: via @usatoday @USATOpinion
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From @ProducerSusan
@drmoore - @KirstenPowers provides thoughtful, moral clarity on the issues to folks who won't listen to people like you and me. Love her.
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From @drmoore
@ProducerSusan @KirstenPowers agreed.
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From @ProducerSusan
See, @ridlehoover? Dr. Moore agrees with me. Has he agreed w/ you lately, hmm? #favorite RT“@drmoore: @ProducerSusan @KirstenPowers agreed.”
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.@ProducerSusan: Dr. Moore is a psychopath. His #immigration stance *increases* # of kids that die in the desert, just fill pews. #teaparty