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WE DID IT. #PresidentTrump! YOU HAVE ENTERED THE NO BS ZONE. Southern Lady. DEPLORIBUS UNIM & PROUD. A Very Thankful Human. Don't add me to lists.
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.@Bonfiredesigns @MsMaxwell6: @pnehlen lost to the incredibly vulnerable Paul Ryan by ~60 points. Is that competent in your minds?
2 crazy 2 chat -> RT @MsMaxwell6 I am No Child. Trump is THE ONLY ONE WHO CARES. Ì have Great Docu's on U the Bitch on my Feed. TRUTH WINS
What if, a month from now, he hasn't? MT @MsMaxwell6 I have NO doubt that Trump will make [the USA Freedom Kids scandal] right.
.@MsMaxwell6: what do you think of the Trump campaign trying to haggle with and then ripping off the USA Freedom Kids? #Trump2016 #MAGA #GOP
.@MsMaxwell6: KLSouth is some frequent twitterer that you RTed or contacted or something. If you don't know who he is then just forget it.
.@MsMaxwell6: @KLSouth could easily get his buds together and pressure Kaus etc. to pressure Coulter to pressure Trump. He refuses to do it.
.@MsMaxwell6: FYI, I've been trying to get @KLSouth to help stop Obama's amnesties for years: He always refuses