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Morgan Warstler
Austin, TX
Dad. Founder / CEO @GovWhiz Inc. RT ≠ Endorse
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.@morganwarstler: @SalenaZito profiled K.A. Conway, listing her clients. Except Zuckerberg, who paid her to deceive about amnesty. Odd, no?
.@morganwarstler: @KausMickey refuses to use the only plan that will stop amnesty: He in effect helps Obama. #tcot
.@morganwarstler: I critiqued your #immigration plan when you posted it to @MattYglesias blog. But, best way to oppose him on Friedman stuff
.@morganwarstler: I've joked about Yglesias being a dude when visiting #NM, about him being Tom Friedman Jr., etc. but I don't do family.
.@morganwarstler: if you want to rehab @MattYglesias, the best way is to help me oppose him on #immigration as a start. #tcot #teaparty #sgp
.@morganwarstler: I've got All #tcot #teaparty has is calling him names. Try to correct that. #ows #sgp
.@morganwarstler: I've left 100s of comments on Yglesias' posts since ~2003, never once seen a #teaparty #tcot type. No backup. #ows #sgp
#immigration questions @Reihan can't answer: Get the answers, @morganwarstler @carney @EricaGrieder @jamescdownie
@morganwarstler: even better, why don't we just have a market in US citizenship? More money for Job Creators like Saverin. #ows #occupy #sgp
RT @morganwarstler ..If attaching green card to home purchase made immigration politically viable, Detroit would be tech hub in 5 years//er
@morganwarstler @sunnyright @katetromble: @mattyglesias = Tom Friedman Jr.: #p2 #tlot #TopProg #OWS #tcot
@cthorm @morganwarstler @salemnyc @brendanloy @TPCarney @Nayrue @AmSpec: Yglesias background: