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Helping refugees flow into Europe = being dupe for Putin. Sorry. RT @MintMilana [a moi] hahaa! What.
.@2ndClassMMA: I'm sure @MintMilana means well, but #CantDoNothing serves interests of Putin and globalists. #refugees
.@jchaltiwanger @JamesAguilarJr: MiddleEast politics has been intractable for 1000s of years. @MintMilana is way out of her depth. #refugees
.@Melia_Kreiling: geopolitics esp. of Middle East has been incredibly complex for ever. @MintMilana is way out of her depth. #CantDoNothing
.@Rog_Gonz: the whole Middle East/Syria/Turkey/ISIS/Russia/USA/etc/etc thing is very, very complicated. @MintMilana is in over her head.
.@AzureParsons: I'm sure @MintMilana means well, but she's clearly not aware of downsides of #CantDoNothing like ethnic power shifts.
.@imraansiddiqi: has CAIR come out in support of #CantDoNothing (from @MintMilana) yet?
.@JerusalemEngine: Syrians wouldn't have trouble getting weapons & training. They're just cowards & economic migrants. @MintMilana
RT @JerusalemEngine @MintMilana The Kurds are much better equipped than Syrian civilians. Syrians are NOT cowards, they just want to live.
.@EricDelaBarre: Kurdish women stay & fight, while Syrian men cowardly run away. @MintMilana & #CantDoNothing enables that. You shouldn't.
.@janewells: see the @manny_theiner comment on You could ask @MintMilana about that. Will you? #CantDoNothing
.@MintMilana: why are Kurdish women staying & fighting, yet Syrian men are running away like cowards? Why do you enable that? #CantDoNothing