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Our boy looks so sweet & docile doesn't he? Try to come near us or our house & he'll gladly remind you that looks can be VERY deceiving..!
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From @GartrellLinda
German government & police are hiding reports of refugee attacks. It's not safe so people are patrolling their stre…
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From @miksu2006
@GartrellLinda Yes, r men will fight..but wouldnt it b better if they didn't have to? NO #ILLEGALS #MIGRANTS that cant b vetted! #POTUSTrump
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From @GartrellLinda
@miksu2006 As immigration laws are enforced & Trump policies improve life w jobs & education in poor areas crime will be drastically reduced
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@GartrellLinda @miksu2006: just yesterday Trump said NYT would be "happy" with his immigration plans. You got suckered by an amnesty fan.