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los angeles
NYT best-selling writer: Death of Hawkman, WONDER WOMAN '77, MANHUNTER (DC), THE ILLEGITIMATES w/ @tarankillam, & TORSO w/ Bendis! Organizer of LOVE IS LOVE!
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Why do these "Native Americans" look exactly like the Trump protesters, Ferguson rioters, college hooligans, Occupy…
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From @marcandreyko
@AnnCoulter you racist harpy.
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.@marcandreyko: your entire tweet to Ann Coulter is "you racist harpy". As an "NYT best-selling writer", you should know she's no harpy.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@marcandreyko: as an "NYT best-selling writer", maybe you can tell me why Coulter's loudest opponents aren't smart enough to undercut her?